Ajaigarh and Kalinjar are two forts located at 80 kms and 100 kms respectively from Khajuraho. Ajaigarh is located in the Panna district and Kalinjar fort in the border between Uttar Pradesh and M.P. Ajaigarh Fort originally had five gates, but now has two gates, two temples and two rock-cut tanks inside it. Three ruined Jain temples built in Khajuraho style also have been traced in Ajaigarh fort.
If you are planning to stay in Khajuraho for more than three days you could include Ajaigarh and Kalinjar forts in your itinerary. Located approximately 100 kms from Khajuraho these two forts stands atop the Vindhya hills and offer a sweeping view of the plains.
There are a number of interesting structures within the precincts of the Kalinjar fort and is worth a visit from Khajuraho.
Ajaigarh Fort
Ajaigarh Fort stands at an altitude of 1,111 meters on a flat-topped projection of the majestic Vindhyas, 80 kms from Khajuraho . A large isolated hilltop fort, Ajaigarh fort holds the panoramic view of the beautiful Ken River.
Kalinjar is 100 km from Khajuraho and lies in Banda district of Uttar Pradesh. Believed to have been first fortified around 2,000 years ago though there were earlier settlements here. In the 10th century, the fort was the heart of the Chandella kingdom. Today two companies of the Uttar Pradesh Provincial Armed Constalbury provide security to the fort, apart from guards provided by ASI.
Distances from Khajuraho
kalinjar Fort - Around Khajuraho
Kalinjar Fort - Around Khajuraho
Khajuraho Dance Festival
Khajuraho dance festival is organised by the Madhya Pradesh Kala Parishad. The dances are performed in the open-air auditorium in front of the Chitragupta Temple. Week long festival of classical dances such as Kathak, Odissi, Kuchipudi, Manipuri and Kathakali are performanced by the best exponents in the field. The Festival is conducted every year in the first week of February
Khajuraho Dance Festival
Ajaigarh and Kalinjar Forts
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