The Kandariya Mahadeva Temple in the western complex of the Khajuraho group of temples is the largest and most ornate Hindu temple in Khajuraho. Built by Vidyadhara a mighty Chandela king around 1050 the Kandariya Mahadeva Temple is dedicated to Shiva. The Archaeological Survey of India protects and maintains the Kandariya Mahadeva Temple, which is part of the UNESCO World Heritage site at Khajuraho.
Dedicated to Shiva, the Kandariya Mahadeva Temple is considered to be the most impressive and refined in the Khajuraho complex of temples. With over 900 sculptures carved into sandstone stacked without mortar the Kandariya temple is a fine example of the craftsmanship of the medeival times. The vibrantly carved exterior contrasts with a very plain interior space that houses a Shiva lingam in the 'garbha graha'
Kandariya Mahadeva temple share the platform with the Devi Jagdamba Temple. Kandariya Mahadeva temple's shikara rises about 100 feet above the platform which it shares with the older Devi Jagadambi temple another important temple in the western complex of temples in Khajuraho.
Chousath Yogini Temple
Dedicated to 64 Yoginis who are the manifestations of the Mother Goddess Shakti, Chousath Yogini Temple, built in granite is one of the oldest temples in Khajuraho.
Set in an open courtyard on the bank of the Shivsagar Lake with small temples surrounding it Chousath Yogini Temple is the only temple which is not oriented due north south but northeast to southwest.
Khajuraho Dance Festival
Khajuraho dance festival is organised by the Madhya Pradesh Kala Parishad. The dances are performed in the open-air auditorium in front of the Chitragupta Temple. Week long festival of classical dances such as Kathak, Bharathanatyam, Odissi, Kuchipudi, Manipuri and Kathakali are performanced by the best exponents in the field.
Chousath Yogini Temple - Khajuraho
Khandariya Mahadeva Temple - Khajuraho
Khajuraho Dance Festival
Kandariya Mahadeva Temple
Kandariya Mahadeva Temple
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Devi Jagdamba Temple
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