Panna National Park spread over 540 sqkm is the only large wildlife habitat remaining in North Madhya Pradesh. The forests of Panna National Park along with Ken Gharial Wildlife Sanctuary form a significant part of the catchment area of the 406 km Ken River which runs northeast for about 72 km through the park. The park is home to  tiger, chital, chinkara, sambhar sloth bear and more than 200 species of birds.
Panna National Park is a Tiger reserve about 60 kms from Khajuraho. Panna National Park has won the Award of Excellence in 2007 as the best maintained national park of India by the Ministry of Tourism of India.
Although the Tiger population is low as of now and sighting a Tiger a matter of chance, a trip to Panna is a must do during a trip to Khajuraho.
Around Panna National Park
Panna is famous for its diamond mining industry and this makes it an interesting place to visit. Pandav falls is also a major attraction with its lake that is fed by the waterfall. Another major attraction of this region is the Rajgarh Palace
There are no jeeps provided by the authorities, so you will have to rent your own jeep for a safari into the park. An hour long boat ride offered by the park authorities is a good option to catch a glimpse of water predators and other animals around the lake.
Elephant safari is one of your best bets to spot a Tiger in Panna National Park. Certain operators also offer night safari in Panna National Park.
The Ministry of Environment and Forests approved a proposal to translocate two tigers and two tigresses to the reserve and two tigers and 2 tigresses were relocated to Panna National park.
Five tigers and around 10 cubs are there in Panna Tiger Reserve at present and their progress is being regularly monitored by the Forest Department.
Panna national Park
Panna National Park - Around Khajuraho
Panna National Park Elephant Safari
Panna National Park
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