The Southern group of temples in Khajuraho is located slightly away from the other groups of temples. Southern group of temples consists of Duladeo temple, Chaturbhuj temple and Beejamandal temple. Chaturbhuj temple is the only temple in Khajuraho devoid of any erotic carvings. Duladeo temple is the most popular temple in the southern group of temples in Khajuraho.
Khajuraho's Southern Group consists of three widely separated temples. The Duladeo temple or "Kunwar Math" can be approached from the Jain temples in the eastern group of temples in Khajuraho. Chaturbhuj temple is disproportionately tall with its shikhara far above the tree line. The third temple of the Southern group of temples of Khajuraho the Beejamandal temple is still under excavation undertaken by ASI.
Beejamandal Temple
A little ahead of the Chaturbhuja temple the Beejamandal Temple which is still under excavation is near the old Jatkhara village. This temple is expected to be the largest amongst the Khajuraho Temples once completely excavated.
Duladeo Temple
Duladeo Temple stands on the left bank of the Khurau Nala, about a kilometre south of the Khajuraho village almost equidistant from the Ghantai temple and the Jain temples of the eastern group of temples.
The Duladeo temple is also called "Kunwar Math" by some historians. A temple dedicated to Shiva the entire temple is decorated with carvings of Shiva and his consort Parvati.
Chaturbhuj Temple
Chaturbhuj temple is dedicated to Vishnu in his ascetic form. The only temple in Khajuraho devoid of any erotic carvings or sculptures Chaturbguj temple is one of the major temples of the southern group of temples in Khajuraho. The Chaturbhuj temple houses an exquisite image of a nine feet long statue of four-handed Vishnu.
The excavation at the Bijamandal group of mounds resumed in 1998-99. The sculputures at this site belong to three distinct phases. With each phase growing in complexity of the sculptures.  This structure has been found to be largest in Khajuraho
Excavation of Beejamandal
Duladeo Temple - Khajuraho
Duladeo Temple - Khajuraho
Chaturbhuj Temple - Khajuraho
Southern Group of Temples in Khajuraho
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